Cinnamon Serenade

These embroidery blocks were created from the Apricot Blush collection found at along with using the built in designs within 4D software.



Look at what can be done by add quilting and decorative stitches.For those who own 5D Design Creator and would like to take these blocks a step further, take a look at what can be done by add quilting and decorative stitches.  Anita James has written a manual for taking your blocks one step further and turning them into a “Quilt As You Go” project. Check out her web site at

62 thoughts on “Cinnamon Serenade

  1. I just recently got my “head” back into doing some embroidery and I was poking around looking for more information on Jacobean Quilt, which I purchased the instructions for a few years ago. I stumbled on your webshots, and I’m hooked! Will you be doing instructions for the other two quilts soon? I’d love to have the Picadilly and Cinnamon Instructions. Can I be your test sewer, or first customer? I’m ready to go! Just got 5D Extra and the Diamond. Would love to hear back from you.
    Ann Marie

  2. You have gorgeous work!! But those Hatched in Africa designs are something else too!! I guess the above comment answers my question – does the manual contain directions for your other quilts pictured here? I’m guessing from the title just the Jacobean duh. I just love this Cinnamon Serenade – have a thing for hearts! Would like to see a picture of the entire quilt if it is finished. Thanks

    • Thank you Rebecca. I love to work with designs from Hatched in Africa. They are a joy to watch stitch out. I will have the workbook (written for 4D, 5D and possibly Embird) for Cinnamon Serenade ready for you to download early this spring. As soon as I get my quilt together, I will post photo’s here.
      Thanks again,

  3. I love these blocks. When will the directions be avaliable to buy? You do such a wonderful job of writing the directions that it makes a beginner feel like I can do anything. Thanks for all of your work.


    • Thank you for your kind works. I am presently working on writing the workbooks and hope to have the one for Cinnamon Serenade ready early this spring. I’m doing it in both 4D and 5D.

  4. I just came back from the cruise with Santi and was able to see the finished blocks for the Jacobean quilt. They are just beautiful. I have the software but have never used it so I will try the sample you gave and if I can do it I will be ordering the rest. Thank you so much for the lovely work. Nelda.

  5. Shirley, the blocks are looking spectacular. You keep finding more wonderful ways to use these designs. You are a genius.

  6. Fabulous, as usual. My friend and I are working on the Apricot Blush also and doing our own spin on the designs using Embird software. Mine isn’t anywhere near done but we’ll have to compare when it is. Once again, beautiful work!!!!

  7. What is the mane of the designs that were used in the Piccadillly Paisley.
    I would love to try to do all three of your wonderful quilts.
    Thank for your help

  8. Shirley I cannot wait for these instructions to become available – you did such a fantastic job with the Jacobean one – you are amazing!

  9. Just to beautiful. I’m back to take another look, and am waiting for an update on when the manual will be available. I’ve been keeping my on the the designs for the Picadilly Quilt, too, but don’t know which sets you used in that one, or if you’re planning on publishing the directions. In either case, I can’t wait to get the information for Cinnimon.

    Ann Marie

  10. I am still working on JJ quilt and then there are 2 more must haves – just beautiful. When Janet Samson design set did you use? I hope you publish directions for that one along with Cinnamon. It’s amazing what you and your software can create – you are one talented lady.

  11. This is just beautiful. I am still working on JJ but hope to have it finished soon, along with about 5 more in the “works”. This is another must have. Which of Janet Samson’s designs did you use on the paisley quilt? Have to get ready for the next set of instructions. You are one talented lady.

      • I’m in luck – I have those 3 sets. I wanted Louisa simply because that is my granddaughter’s name – any plans for that? Also, any plans for the instructions on the Pirouette Paisley? (I hope, I hope)

      • Yes. I have the instructions for the Paisley in rough draft and plan to finish them after I get the Cinnamon Serenade done.

  12. shirley, your blocks are wonderful.i had the pleasure to see your jj in tulsa and again in indiana and the pictures are good but NOTHING like for real. i’m sure apricot blush will be the same. what i need to know is with your new machine bernina 830 will the instructions be for this machine?? hope so.

  13. I have all these designs and cannot wait until you bring out the instructions for these quilts. Absolutely beautiful

  14. The blocks are all beautiful. Would love to see them in person. I have JJ instructions and am looking forward to purchasing the others when they are ready.

    • Sue, I put your name on the list of those to notify when they are ready. My plan is to have it done by the end of May. Thank you.

  15. Shirley, can the designs you used from the 4D software be purchased on the Viking web site or any where? I don’t have that software but want to make the blocks identical if possible.

  16. I’m in the process of sewing out a trial Block 1 of the Cinnamon Serenade and it is just beautiful. The directions were so easy to follow and made me feel like I could do this project if I can just master the precise positioning of the Creative Vision! Thank you so much Shirley for creating this beautiful quilt and sharing it with all of us.


    • Judy, If you are comfortable with your software, I think you can take the information I have and use it to create the blocks in Artista. If you will email me, I will send you a sample block to test.

  17. Shirley, Do you have any idea when you will have the Paccadilly Paisley quilt ready. I am working on Cinnamon Serenade now. It’s so much fun.

    • Rene, Glad to hear you are having fun creating YOUR Cinnamon Serenade. Check back some time after the first of the year for the Paisley instructions.

  18. What fabric did you use, if I may ask? I know I read someplace that it was Moda At Water’s Edge by Blackbird Design but the only one I can find is blue heron and I don’t think that’s right. I’ve got all my thread and quilt block fabrics and I have some to put between the blocks but your is so much prettier.

    You are so talented and I love looking at your work.

    • Sharon, You are correct. I used Moda At Water’s Edge. Mine is the peach color. I think it might be a little hard to find this fabric anymore. Check eBay.

  19. Are there cutting and piecing instructions for this quilt? I purchased the design manual but haven’t read the entire thing yet.

  20. Hi, I just purchased this manual and I can’t wait to get started on it. It will be a great winter project for me to do. I would really like the manual for the Piccadilly Paisley Quilt. Are you still working on it? Love your work and many thanks.

    • Jill, I am currently working on the instructions for the Paisley blocks and hope to have it finished mid winter. Looks like we both have a winter project. 🙂

  21. I have read the emails to your sight. Are talking about Janets designs and you writing the insructions ? Are these the same desings that are HIA??
    The pictures of the quilt are so beautiful I just had to write and
    what and
    where I can get the directions and all?????????????????///

    Mary Haddigan

    • Hi Mary,
      The designs for the Cinnamon Serenade and Jacobean Jewels embroidery blocks are from HIA. The designs for the Paisley blocks are from Janet Sansom. They are the two Pirouette sets along with Florence. Janet’s designs can be purchased through I am currently working on writing the instructions for the Paisley quilt and hope to have it finished mid winter.

    • Hi Sharon,

      You certainly can. You should be getting a download link from shortly. Hope this is helpful in creating your blocks.


  22. Thank you so much. I have done most of the blocks but still a few to do and will be much easier with 5D instructions. I dound the fabric that I “think” you used. It was At Water’s Edge in the coral/orangy colors. Now to just get it finished.

  23. Shirley, we have an informal group that meets on our own at our VSGallery to teach ourselves and learn 4/5D embroidery software. The Fan Dance quilt block would be a great exercise for us. Would it be okay if I direct everyone to your site to download the instructions so we can work on the exercise together?

  24. Shirley, I have just received my instructions for the Cinnamon Serenade. Thank you so much for the quick service in answering my question. This is another beautiful quilt. I’m off to buy fabric for my Jacobean quilt today. While it is stitching out I will be playing with the Cinnamon Serenade blocks.

    Please add my email to your list for future quilts.

    They are just so beautiful.

  25. Shirley, Has the instruction for Cinnamon Serenade come out in 5D? You can e-mail me. Thank You. As Always, Jan

    • Hi Janet, The instructions for Cinnamon Serenade are written for 4D but I do have a 5D supplement included. You shouldn’t have any trouble in creating your blocks.

  26. Shirley, I went to Hatched In Africa to check out the designs. They are selling a package of all designs plus a pdf file for quilt. Is your directions different from theirs? Thanks. You can e-mail me. As Always, Jan

  27. Shirley, I just finished the Cinnamon Serenade Quilt Blocks. I did not see Block #15 instructions. I went back to the page that shows all thr blocks and their showed Block #7 & Block #15 are the same. Is that right? I have enjoyed making the blocks and your instructions,were vary easy to follow.Thanks for the great job. Can’t wait to embroider them out. I’m thinking about making bacgrounds(stippling,crosshatch,motifs,ect.) in design creator. Again Thanks. As Always, Jan

  28. Hi Shirley, I seen you and your designs at Robert’s Sewing Center on April 28th. I enjoyed your talk, the quilts and jackets that you showed and the demo on how to do designs into a quilt. I can’t wait to start on the Cinnamon Serenade quilt blocks. Thank you!!

  29. Shirley, I have been creating the blocks but I only have the 5D software, not the edit. So, I am going back and forth between that, my Pantograms software, and Buzz Edit. However, on Block 7, I cannot find anywhere the scallops that you are using. Any suggestions?

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