From Old to New

Make new quilt blocks from well-loved embroidery designs by following set-by-step tutorials. 

Here is an example of what can be done with taking a few embroidery designs and turning them in a beautiful 12-inch quilt block.  Purchase the manual and follow along with me as I take the designs into the Viking/Pfaff 5D Extra software and transform them into beautiful quilt blocks.  The manual contains directions for creating twelve blocks plus a center medallion.  Designs used in the illustrations below are from and they are the Jacobean Jewel collection. —Shirley Rosenbrock

Other block designs available are the new Grace collection, Jillianne, Picadilly Paisley, and Cinnamon Serenade.


Here are the original embroidery designs.


See here how I have rearranged the elements to create a new block design.

9 thoughts on “From Old to New

    • Hi Alice,
      My goal is to have the workbook for the Piccadilly Paisley done some time this fall. Thank you for your interest. Shirley

  1. Shirley your work is absolutely breathtaking! I started seeing these designs a week ago and I had googled everything and finally here I find them.
    Are these designs going to be converted to 5D? and if so when? I just can’t take my eyes off of georgeous designs. I am anxiously waiting for a reply.
    Alice McMurdy

    • Alice, Thank you for the kind words. The instructions for the Cinnamon Serenade blocks come with a supplement for those who are using 5D.

  2. Shirley I am interested in the new Piccadilly Paisley Quilt, I already have the ,
    Jacobean Quilt and Cinnamon Serenade. Do you know when it will be available or did I miss the announcement. As usual, your quilts are beautiful and you are a true artist. I learn more in 5D from your instructions than in all the classes I have attended.


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